Virtual sex chat rooms: pros and cons

Neither physicians, nor psychologists still solved: virtual sex – it is good or bad. However, all meet in one: it is devilishly attractive.

Virtual sex is not a fantasy for a long time. But around him it is not less disputes, than around experiments on cloning. Neither physicians, nor psychologists still solved: virtual sex – it is good or bad. However, all meet in one: it is devilishly attractive.

To embody the most improbable imaginations, to make love to the Black or the Eskimo, to try BDSM, to become Casanova or Messalina – and all this without REGISTRY OFFICE, risk to catch a disease, without alimony and excess efforts.

Progress of live cybersex

Cybersexual are contemptuously bent when virtual sex is compared to reading erotic literature, attacks on the porn websites or to banal masturbation. Here all far more abruptly: this contact-less merge of souls and bodies to use of the most modern technologies and data carriers.

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At the time of our great-grandmothers the most ordinary paper was the data carrier. You want to get acquainted with a typical example of a sex chat of the 18th century – read “Dangerous Liaisons” by Choderlos de Laclos.

With the advent of phone of a possibility of virtual sex extended extremely. At first charming young ladies online, but as soon as negotiations became private worked at lines and connections, lovers began to use them for exchange of the erotic imaginations and desires. Soon enough in the West thought that girls with sexual voices enjoy popularity, and offered service “live private sex”. “Hello, you called service of sexual support! Wait for an orgasm … wait for an orgasm …”

Pagers and mobile phones diversified tools of virtual sex with the erotic messages coming, as a rule, to the most inopportune moments. Emergence of the Internet presented to erotomaniacs sex chat and premium dating sites.Live chat rooms, Skype and other messengers gave a remarkable opportunity for playful conversations with strangers who can come to you “directly from the street”. The video cameras connected to the computer created effect of presence. And the sex chat website “Camlis” became Mecca of cybersexuals: here it is possible to get acquainted with any person from any corner of the world and by means of a video chat to gain practically any sexual experience.

But also, it appeared a little. Bright Japanese went deep into developments on base webcam dildo; they project the artificial, stuffed with electronic gadgets, manipulating which in Network interlocutors can embrace, kiss and have with each other sex.

The Kiss Phone device fixes the speed, force of pressing and temperature of lips to send a kiss in the private webcam chat room. The Hug Shirt t-shirt via the built-in sensors fixes the same data for hands and when you embrace yourself, your friend feels it for one thousand kilometers.

Virtual Hole is intended for men: in the thickness of the plastic cylinder sensors, motors and even a container with artificial lubricant contain completely to imitate ordinary, oral or anal sex. At will it can be used together with an electronic dildo – Virtual Stick. And operate the Toy vibrator by means of message: you sit to yourself in turn in a dry-cleaner or at a PTA meeting at the child, suddenly – bang! – and orgasm.

It is necessary to wait for sex overalls with full effect of interaction; but also, apparently, we will soon live up to this happiness.

Who and Why?

Who has virtual sex? We will be honest: practically all who use modern communications had to receive at least once erotic messages, an intimate call or the indecent offer from the stranger. And many tried to answer – at least a time, at least in a whisper, just out of curiosity.

Why choose virtual sex? Because it is simple. To find to itself the partner “in real”, it is necessary to get acquainted, spend somewhere with him time and funds for communication and gifts, to tempt, put to bed, to undergo risk of unplanned pregnancy or unfortunate love. To be engaged in cybersex, it is enough to go on-line and to spend 10 minutes for search of the compliant interlocutor.

Why it is good? Because it is convenient and safe, and imaginations are not limited to anything. It is possible to imagine himself as much as great goddess. Or the virgin – even if the number of real sexual partners passed for one hundred on the eve of your majority long ago. Cybersex will easily lift your self-assessment at zero efforts of you. He allows to get wealth of experience, to understand own sexuality and desires.

And still, as it is ridiculous, the virtual love protects from physical treason: in real no more than 2% of virtual sex acquaintances come to an end with meetings.

Why it is bad? The person does not sustain the competition to an ideal image which you to yourself thought up. The real husband or the lover have a serious technical defect: you will not get rid of them in three seconds, having clicked with a mouse on a cross in the browser. With them it is necessary to communicate, build the relations, to consider their desires and that the most complex, to combine their desires with the. Cybersex does not provide ability to a compromise, respect and tolerance.

And still it works as artificial substitute of sugar: it seems both the sweet is, and harm from excess calories any. Here only the organism feels deceived; the brain assures: “sex is received”, and there is neither tactile contact, nor pheromones, nor the hormonal answer also in mention. All this provokes serious depressions.

Madness of Brave

If you read up to this paragraph – virtual sex is really interesting to you. What needs to be known to plunge into the world of live sex partners, without risking to fly in network of real troubles?

First, take care of confidentiality. For sex negotiations and chat messages start separate phone or at least a sim card. For erotic correspondence – separate mailbox with the complex password. For communication sessions – the room in which it is possible to be locked. And any cybersex in a workplace: system administrators control all office computers and love a virtual sensuality not less you.

The following item – legends. More precisely, the thought-over plots for a debauchery session: actually, you should write the erotic story. It is necessary to learn not to redden and not to fall into a stupor from descriptions of what the partner wants to make with you, to pick up subjects and to develop them. Be not afraid to design an image: your interlocutor adds not less art fiction to the description of the appearance and the sizes of the member.

From accessories you, most likely, need beautiful linen, sex toys and a convenient font or the keyboard. If you use the video camera, be convinced that nothing superfluous gets into the shot – for example, your diamonds.

Photos – in general a subject separate. To send to the virtual interlocutor the image of of a nu or topless it is possible only if to you deeply all the same whether your light image will decorate a half of the porn websites. But better do not risk. Use the Networks of the photo of less careful beauties found on open spaces. As a last resort choose those pictures where not to sort either your face, or perceptible birthmarks and scars on a body. For video chats it is possible to use a half mask and soft lighting.

To find the partner for sex, it is enough to put at himself in the status of a messenger or social network “is free” or to be registered on the website of virtual acquaintances – the general or thematic. Persons interested to have a talk will be more than enough.

Will send you tens of sex photos, will offer the mass of plots and subjects for a conversation. Your task – to choose the desirable and to derive pleasure. And of course, it is not necessary to expect that all your interlocutors will be ideally beautiful, competent or deeply intelligent. However, there is always a chance that your interlocutor really the prince who decided to be curious and what is cybersex.

Among cybersexuals it is accepted to be represented by assumed names and to give as little as possible real information on itself. Be not surprised if your Romeo is the pimply school student or the playful pensioner. If it does not suit you – disconnect a sex chat, and all. As well as in usual sex, you at any time can tell “no” and stop communication. Your partner, by the way, – too. If he was gone, means you to him ceased to please. Even if two minutes ago he promised the permit to Paris and gold mountains.

Process of virtual sex is simple: after more or less short conversation prelude partners begin to describe (and to show), how exactly they make love, caress each other and satisfy. Frankness degree – from a soft sensuality to a rigid porn. Outstanding cybersexual can support simultaneous contact with two-three partners. At least two thirds of virtual novels come to an end after the first session, the others can last several days, weeks or years. Isolated cases come to an end with acquaintance and the real sex – as a rule, disappointing participants.

Virtual Contraception

Cybersexuals in Network can find and are in trap to the following dangers of four types – the virus attacks, collectors of a compromising evidence, perverts and swindlers.

  • The simple habit – not to go to the unfamiliar websites, not to open an investment in letters and not to speak to “ex” to unfamiliar programs will protect from the first.
  • From the second – careful protection of all personal data that the dishonorable person menacing to send to your husband record of webcam sex act had no slightest chance to find out, what is your name and as you look actually.
  • Will protect the simple ignore list from the third. If you are overcome by the boring sexual maniac – ignore him, whatever grandiloquent nonsense in your honor he talked. Block contact, rub letters, change number of a messenger and phone – sooner or later to him will bother to knock at the closed door. And on streams of threats report that you actually minor, and your mother already submitted the application to the Department of Internal Affairs.
  • The fourth beckon you with message and promises of acquaintances, conversations by phone and video chats, and then it turns out that it is necessary to pay a fantastic sum for all this. But you do not hurry to pay: presently virtual sexual freedom always itself can find the admirer absolutely for nothing.