Mark Media Productions


<< IDEAS >>

Overall objective of working out of a site for us is creation of the effective project helping development of your business and creating a unique image of your company on the Internet.

Therefore we begin creation of a site with working out of its concept-idea and revealing of the priority problems put before the project. Only such approach allows to represent correctly your company on the Internet and, accordingly, to profit from the project.

<< Experience >>

5 years of the development we have stored sufficient experience for development and design of sites of various complexity and subjects: from working out of corporate sites before creation of highly specialised portals. We put soul and skill of our command in each project. Constantly being improved in all directions of activity, we guarantee excellent result - a site working exclusively on the decision of your business problems.

<< Technologies >>

In working out of sites we use high technologies of the IT industry and we are guided by the high quality standards accepted in our company. All projects at end of process of working out pass obligatory 4-step system of quality check. We will notice that at each stage of work on the project our experts will consult you and will render the qualified help on all arising questions.

<< Result >>

Result of the professional approach to site creation, its analysis, designing and audit is realisation more than 100 successful projects. Today we co-operate with many leading Belgium and foreign companies and always we aspire to long-term partnership.

<< ABOUT US >>

Company Mark Media Productions - a part of group of companies from Mark - very creative guy who started it all. Group formed under a name of Marks Ventures in 2009.

The basic direction of work Mark Media Productions is creation of "selling" sites on which working out we specialise from the moment of the company basis.

Except the sites focused on sales on the Internet (on-line and off-line sales), in segments B2B and B2C, we also develop representing FLASH-sites and other products for advancement of the companies - multimedia presentations, a corporate style, elements of graphic design. Basically, it is those things in which there is an interest of our customers.

We conduct the history from successful experience of sales through the Internet when we had been created one of the first in Bulgarian online-shop on sale of cars through the Internet.

Step by step overcoming difficulties, creating attendance of the site, untwisting it, motivating visitors to read materials of a site and to make the decision on purchase, we have learnt to build all technology of sales through an Internet site: from attraction of visitors before processing of demands. Now, later 2 years of work in this market, we can tell with confidence that deeply we know this sphere.

For 5 years of work we have perfected technology of sales through the Internet and have learnt to repeat repeatedly this success for the clients (today them more than 100).

But we do not stop on the reached. We constantly improve the knowledge and technologies.

* We have created system of intrafirm training.
* We constantly send experts on conferences and trainings of the Russian and world level.
* We start systems of the internal control and the systems automating our work.
* We constantly search for ways of decrease in costs that for the same cost to offer the clients of more services of the best quality.

We also do not leave the clients after working out, after all site creation - not end in itself. To pay back working out and to profit from a site, it is necessary to accompany and advertise it competently. Two other our affiliated companies entering in Mark Media Productions are engaged in it: Mark Media Supp - on support of sites such as performance car and other competitive industries. For us it is very important, that the site was useful and we pay back for our clients.

The quarter of work which we carry out by working out, makes consultation of clients. We do a site only together with you, we co-operate and we receive synergy effect:

* You are able to sell the product best;
* We know how most effectively to advance your product on the Internet, and we share all expert experience with you.

Only together we are capable to create and develop a site, making profit!

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