The step-by-step instruction to get virtual girlfriend

Some lonely Asians who have no girl wishing to deceive the friends by means of the photos posted in Instagram where they allegedly are with the beloved. Keisuke Jinushi, the artist from Tokyo, just one of them.

For creation of “vanilla” photos with – the allegedly-girl assistants or assistants are not required for it. It is enough to make a couple of simple manipulations with own hand, to choose the correct foreshortening and — voila! The friends who are looking through your Instagram envy that the careful girl not only feeds you, but also cleans incidentally dripped ketchup from lips.

We suggest you to look at step-by-step instructions of this life hack. It is worth recognizing that the idea standing.








Boobs and Cats adds popularity

Expression “Cats and boobs rule the world” became a familiar expression. I would paraphrase: “Boobs and cats – guarantee of popularity in the Network”. The Internet is filled up with a huge number of the most various content of the erotic contents. Sex is everywhere. Can fight against it on social networks, can forbid, and can successfully parasitize, on the contrary, on this subject.

The fact remains: today the sex industry – one of the most developed advertising branches on the Internet. Naturally, all this was reflected and in social networks with their multimillion audience which is very interested in object of advance.

On average in a month users mention “porno” in social networks more than 130 000 times, “sex” – 129 000, “gay” – 50 000. Also “prostitutes” more than 60 000 mentions are devoted, to “boobs” – about 58 000 messages.

However, whether really sex sells? What enjoys popularity and how effectively to advance frank in the Network?

Boobs and cats

Not the newest, but spectacular way can. Here not the original idea, but the correct supply of material is important. All ingenious is simple: a little naked body, cats, which on the Internet a dime a dozen, and good sense of humor that meets not so often. To mix, but not to shake up. Laughter – the major thing, so far as concerns sex – quite comical, in effect, occupation.

Striking example – the family entertaining Cats & Boobs. On the site photos of cats and a female breast are published. As it appeared, for promotion of the project of it more than it is enough.

However, it is necessary to recognize that economic efficiency of the similar project will hardly be high. But this way will help to increase popularity and authority of the company founder. Here everything depends on an ultimate goal. And for most of customers it is measured in monetary units.

Serious approach

Similar style of advance is more effective for commercial projects. As a rule, use its SMM agencies that is quite justified, after all to a strip clubs and to similar institutions often belong with mistrust. Official style of communication can quite create an image of a presentable institution. And the solvent audience goes to such places. Therefore, if your purpose – big money, pay attention to this method.

Also the media agency in a case about advance of night club for men to such views.

Sexual activities for adults gives webcam media a boost

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Enjoy unusual sexual activities

orgasmYou can make your ideas come true in the virtual sex world online. This is because sex cams give you the maximum support for enjoying unusual sexual activities with anyone from anywhere in the world. You may have any sexual desire in recent times. An advanced sex cam gives the best support to improve your ways towards the sexual fun. You will be surprised to have the most unforgettable sexual entertainment.

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Prefer webcam sex happily

girl is ready for online sexMany users of Internet prefer webcam sex in recent years. This is because they seek the safest way to have unusual sexual activities with those who feel horny in recent times. They understand that sex is not only to make babies, but also to enjoy their adulthood in every possible way. They do not want to stay alone in their bed at any time. On the other hand, they get such difficult situations sometimes.

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